Apr 9, 2014

{Spring Diary} Budapest

Last week I had the chance to skip grey English weather for a few days (punctuated by entire days of confused winter breeze-not spring yet!) in favour of clear skies and romantic long walks along the Danube river in Budapest with my Mr instead. A short trip to virtually anywhere is a swift reminder that all the great things in life takes a lot of effort (packing, laundry, getting around, etc).

I had little context of Budapest and my knowledge of Hungary is no where near of that certain je ne sais quoi but one can never be too shy away from spontaneity (ok maybe I did go on trip advisor prior to our arrival but we did get lost a few times!). Budapest is possibly one of the best food capitals in Europe but when I sought recommendations from friends and on the internet, I knew I had to make a lot of concessions as it is hard to find halal eateries. However, Budapest also stores the best coffee houses in Europe so with that being said, my coffee breaks was as decadent and enjoyable as the gorgeous atmosphere. 

I've travelled with friends in the past, but there's a lot to be said about having a level of comfort with someone that surpasses your usual, familiar surroundings. Besides sharing close quarters with a person for several days on end can often inspire two people who love each other in their normal environment to more or less want to toss the other out the window. But of course, that did not actually happen.

And lastly, growing up with my father who is always moving around and encouraging us to see the world, I've been privileged to be able to fill up a couple of passports with stamps from across the globe: from New York to Florida, Vientiane to Hong Kong, Bangkok to Geneva, Lyon to Italy, and many more. It seems like while on one vacation, I'm already planning the next (Amsterdam and Cambodia this summer!).
I hope you all had a good start to your Easter break because I did :)

Mar 24, 2014

25 things to do before I'm 25

Having just turned 20 a few months back, marks the first year of my twenties. I for one firmly believe by the mantra that life is what we mostly make it to be. For me, I believe that a well lived life means pursuing big dreams and placing an emphasis on daily small pleasures along the way. I do not ever want to turn old and tell people, "I've always wanted to do X and never got around to it!"

I've decided to take this milestone of having entered a new decade to make a list of 25 things to do before I turn 25, and attempt to tick them all over the next 5 years (in no particular order). Some are grand lifelong dreams, others are continuation of things I'm already enjoying, others are silly and frivolous but happiness-inducing all the same. I won't bore you with the whole list of 25 (some are too personal!), but here are the 10 items in the list that I'm particularly looking forward to:

1. Graduating from University. Needless to say, with countless essays to go through the next 15 months I simply can not wait to see what I'll be pursuing next.

2. Set in motion concrete plans to live in New York for a month (or a week to be more realistic). Rent an apartment, and spend the afternoons exploring the city I've fantasised about since forever.

3. Hosting a party. The kinds that are so elaborate that they belong in a Fitzgerald novel.

4. Making an investment. I'm not talking about buying a house (I'm not that far ahead yet!) but I do need to start saving to thank myself later on in the future.

5. Travel. A cliche but, I came across a quote by Saint Augustine which said, "The world is a book, and those who do not travel read only one page," which makes me want to step out of reality and into someone else’s perspective of life.

6. Spend a summery weekend in the glorious English Cotswold. 

7. Visit the mediterranean - for a dose of delicious azure waters and vitamin D.

8. Volunteering. Much akin to travelling, volunteering does change your perspective in life and I'm looking forward to do more volunteering jobs over the summer holidays.

9. Buy my first Louboutin. (see point 4)

10. Learn how to make a proper Thai meal.(Pad thai, mango sticky rice and Khao Man Gai are probably my favourite food group and I still think Thailand is the best country after Brunei hehe)


Feb 5, 2014


What's better than chasing away the winter blues with an abundance of colour (or pink)? The past few weeks have been a hectic whirlwind at work and university leaving me extra busy for this new semester. Granted, there are times I could depart myself from the workload so to make up for it, I have made a short OOTD video and despite this, it actually took me half a day to put it up together.


Dec 23, 2013

Countryside escape

Just before the holidays have started I found myself soaking up to sappy Christmas movies- generally one that involves the gorgeous Jude Law and a cute cottage, that made me thought of this time last year where I spent a few days with my family-friend in Lincolnshire. It was lovely making most of the countryside especially snuggling next to the warm fireplace gorging on toasted marshmallows whilst the adults were exchanging stories over glasses of vin. So I thought of doing it again this year and I chose to stay at a tiny hamlet in South Petherton of Somerset for a few nights.

Somerset is a hard place to encapsulate in mere words but in the end of the day I've agreed that as grim as the weather goes by here (especially at this time around), there is sunshine in the UK after all!
In England, by all its great virtue, is not so blessed with amazing weather and although the temptation of being in a beach ten times warmer than the monsoon outside is second to none - curling up in the sofa of an idyllic cottage, listening to the crackling sound of the log fire, roasted chicken in the oven- is unbeatable
A wintery mini-break is a wonderful excuse to leave one's cosy cocoon and explore an entirely new place through the glittering lens of the Christmas period. And truthfully, it couldn't have felt more perfectly wintery and wonderful.

Trapped in the little hamlet is a cute little gem called the Provender which is made for wintery afternoons spent on long conversations over their flowering tea and my beau's personal favourite-the sticky chocolate pudding.

And with that I wish you a very festive season (whatever you celebrate)!

Nov 27, 2013

New home + new treasures

For every renegade in the blogging world there is a debunk to  these classic behavioural stereotypes and I have every reasons to justify my absence hehe.. A classic testament to this is me working endlessly yearning to see the next ray of sunshine everyday since the start of term (Just check my twitter rants for the past few weeks for proof). My days are now occupied with an accumulation of cases and statute readings, assignments and society related work. Then there's the case of the mundane of having nothing to blog about. Which is partly true, because I haven't been going away nor have I bought anything new (not quite true) that is worth to blog about until my short trip to LDN last weekend.

Welcoming the crisp days of winter with new things (just because):
My kind of winter would see an abundance of colour and sparkles so this ASOS bag would be put into good measure.
Walking pretty with these pair of studded heels from Forever 21 which will hopefully work with most of my outfit

Ok after my Rome trip I was supposed to go into a frugal, necessities-only saving mode but this was too ambitious of me. Ever since I've lived under the same roof with with Amal R who is crazy for makeup, it's safe to say that I am slightly obsessed (but less crazy) with makeup as well.

And the wildly excessive list of new makeup I got since last month:

Naked 2 palette (£36),  Bobbi Brown shimmery brick (£32), NARS Desire blush (£21.50), NYX Black Label lipsticks in Chocolate and Princess (£4 each), NYX Burgundy gloss (£4), Sublime de Chanel mascara (£24), Smashbox baked stardust highlighter (£23), Benefit Brow Zing kit (£23.50) , YSL lip stain in No 6 (£23.50), YSL Palette City Drive Classy (£42.00), Revlon Black Cherry (£7.49), Revlon Lip butter in Juicy Papaya (£7.99), Maybelline matte mousse (£7.69) and Revlon Nearly Naked pressed powder (£7.99)

And more pictures from my LDN trip:

Until then!

Oct 9, 2013

{Summer Diary} Italia

picture by Mu'izz Khalid
As a hopeless romantic hailing from Brunei, I am fairly certain that I have an affection for the summer heat. And when tossing coins in hope for love to return back are genetically coded in my DNAs I couldn't have asked for a better way to end my summer in Rome where the days are long; made for languid outdoor pursuits.
Rome is one of the busiest cities I've ever been to and although it is horribly overrun with noisy tourists and tacky souvenir stalls, the city still retains all of its Italian charm with cafes offering alfresco dining in every block and vespas running the streets. 
Me and my friends were lucky enough to have been accommodated in a cute house that looks like it is made for a movie set. I would definitely recommend House Trip for those who are looking for a comfortable stay for the holidays.
Prior to this little trip, I've acquired little knowledge of what to do in Italy. Although I know for one thing that a trip to Italy is not complete without tasting real gelato.

The Spanish Steps

St. Peter's Cathedral

Hope everyone had a great summer!

Aug 19, 2013


In my opinion, one of life greatest pleasures is having little things to look forward to; and in this instance it was having this beautifully handcrafted poem that I have ordered a month ago to be in the safe hands of my man. 
Lang Leav is a talented soul from Australia who tames the alphabets into creating such beauties like the poem above. For those of you who are interested in sending one to a friend, she handcrafts all of the poems to make them extra special and beautiful.

So much love on a Monday,