Mar 4, 2015

"Florals? For Spring? Groundbreaking."

(photo by Ollie Ali)
Three days have passed and I am still trying to recover from what LFWeekend had offered me. Some say it is a prestigious occasion so as a first timer attending these sort of events, I did not know what to expect. Of course I was well informed how intimidating fashion can be, I did not need LFWeekend to prove me that. Even though I engaged my Saturday with a maximum of half an hour sleep, I managed to appear jubilant… or so I thought. 
In all honesty though, that day could not have started any better than bloggers, photographers and magazine press asking for a photo of me. When you receive positive comments from those who share the same passion as you, it can lift your esteem. Thus, I was super super super duper fortunate to have experienced it, especially with my sister and was astounded by how well the event went overall. It was less nerve-racking and I encountered so many beautiful and unique individuals.

Anyway, there is an ongoing habit I acquired through the years where I provide a theme for my outfit choice. I intended to go for an 80’s look, inspired by none other than Miss Bradshaw (minus the infamous mane). My choice of ensemble consisted of similar shades where it was a play up pastel top-to-toe. 
A mix-and-match separates; the mint midi skirt with floral embellishment, giving a classic A-line shape, was paired with a floral blazer. Since UK’s weather is too unpredictable, I wore a white oversized coat all through the event. The only jewellery I had on was this beautiful luminous pink necklace by Heartbead. The simplicity of the necklace was perfect for me. I balanced everything with a metallic clear bag. Does this not remind anyone of the 90’s Versace Supers’ metallic pastel vibe? 
(photo by Ollie Ali)
Shades - shop from Kuching, Malaysia
Oversized Coat - Pull & Bear
Necklace - Heartbead
Crop Jumper - Miss Selfridge
Blazer - H&M
Skirt - ASOS
Heels - New Look
Bag - New Look
Just thought I would also share the essentials I brought with me:

(photo courtesy of Lenny and Nina)
I am also featured in Calvin Chinthaka blog! Do check it out and happy Tuesday, everyone!

Mar 2, 2015

London Fashion Weekend Part 1

 (photos by Ainul)

You know when they say a weekend well spent brings a week content? Mere words can't encapsulate exactly how overwhelmed I felt after leaving Somerset House. When Nina contacted me about LFWeekend a few months back I didn't hesitate. On the surface, the energy was so exhilarating and everyone is constantly moving from one session to another. Every blogger would have different experiences to how they felt about LFWend; I've missed one talk that I really wanted to go, met a few interesting souls and I got a flurry of excitement when an amazing look comes out. Although the event is smaller than what the actual LFW is like, it just goes to show how enormous and competitive the fashion industry is.

As far as my outfit du jour goes, I was quite happy with the choice of accessories that Enya Bijoux supplied for me. I chose their "Stella" necklace with a hint of green that sits really well over my embellished blouse. One of my biggest wardrobe dilemma is getting dressed in a chic ensemble just to be covered up in a bulky coat. In my book, when it comes to cold weather, it's what on the outside that counts. Thankfully, ASOS got me covered.

Hat - John Lewis
Blouse - MNG
Duster Coat - ASOS
Joggers - H&M
Heels - ZARA
Special thanks to the two girls sandwiched between me and Iqah: Ainul and Nina! Bruneian bloggers represent hehe
Have a good start of the week!

Jan 30, 2015

{OOTD} 50 Shades of Blanc

It goes without saying that I can never start an entry around this time of the year without complaining about the weather. More truthfully, I am never really bothered to check the weather until I've been rained on. But, of course, I am not a woman to be swayed by the weather. So when my housemate, Amal R told me that she wanted to do an all-white ensemble shoot I knew that I must either succumb or cry from frostbite for my outfit.

on Amal R - ZARA blouse, trousers and shoes

Have a good weekend!

Jan 10, 2015

Follow Friday anyone?

Call me a voyeur but I love nothing more than a glimpse into the sartorial lives of my favourite fashion folks. However this could get a little boring at one point so I've culled 8 new instagram favourites of mine:

3) @designlovefest
4) @jessbruggink
5) @ihavethisthingwithfloors
6) @monlinglee
7) @billycress

Have a lovely weekend ahead,

Jan 9, 2015

All Wrapped Up

You know what they say, nothing burns like the cold. To think we have the time to layer the perfect outfit in this horrendous weather (especially when you have 9AM classes). Fortunately, the snow in Leicester did not settle-making it easier for me to leave the house without looking like a ball of wrapped up mess.
Coat - New Look
Cardigan - Urban Outfitters
Top - River Island
Jeans - H&M
Shoes - New Look
Neckless - Réserve Naturelle 
Belt - H&M
Bag - Liz Claiborne 
The coat is so versatile, I wear it 24/7 to almost any occasion! The furry texture makes it quite the statement, requiring nothing more than a grey knitted cardigan that matches the gloomy atmosphere, a leather turtleneck sleeveless top, high waisted distressed denim and gold-cuffed flats. The denim gives a subtle punch of colour and a chunky neckless would be less cumbersome than a tote, which is why I finished the assembled look with a clear handbag.
Anyway just want to wish you all a happy new year!
Lots of love,

Dec 28, 2014

A Cynic's Winter Tale

When it comes to winter, I have a painfully impractical and almost sarcastic approach to dressing warm.  As the temperature drops and seasons change, so too do I crave for the warmth of spring. The weather was fine (debatable) during the day and as dusk approached it started to snow for the first time since my first year here in Leicester. Thankfully, we've managed to get these shots before the sky started to change (and everyone's mood).
with Nina looking extra pretentious

stay warm,