Sep 5, 2014

Transitional Essentials

Back in the UK the wheel of season is finally turning and it's the time of the year to stow away the sheer blouses and crop tops, and unload the underpinning formulas to keep you on your style toes as autumn arrives. A novelty to a girl who grew up in Brunei, I do treasure the fact that I get to experience each season in turn. And for a lot of people, this gives them the chance to own more clothes but I like to fill in my wardrobe with fewer versatile pieces that could be worn often. And I firmly believe that if you start to think outside the box, you will create a near-finite number of outfits.

1. The (faux)Leather Jacket 
A leather jacket has a very sleek fit and can be thrown with a dress and still look polished. I have a very feminine aesthetics and this monochrome jacket balances out between looking too bulky and oversized. 

2. The Accessories
Accessories are outfit staples and they exist to elevate an outfit. Fact: The bigger the necklace, the better.

3. The unconventional outerwear
i.e. the printed jacket/blazer. Investing in a printed jacket may not always be the option but it really gives a handful of potential outfit ideas. 

4. The structured dresses
Despite the little black dress being the epitome of elegance with a reassuring timelessness, I am swooning over this mod number- a steadfast amidst the ever-changing trends.
Then there's the long black dress which is a sartorial tango between chic and looking like you belong in the Coven. (depending on how well you accessorize yourself)
4. The make-up
Because you're not dressed well until you put on some lipstick.

Stay classy 

Aug 19, 2014

4 Ways, 1 Scarf

 (1. Hermes Way  2. I Love Lucy 3. Braided Boho 4. Carrie Bradshaw Turban)

With summer just about to shift into fall a.k.a not long until I leave to the UK, what better way to spend the last few weeks looking like a combination of tropical flowers and an absolute chic. Hair accessories, in particular head scarves, serve infinite techniques that gives you a fashion statement in a matter of minutes. I am not going to lie, these looks are so easy and repetitive, they are the perfect solution for a bad hair day, don't you think? 
Each tutorials are attached in the link! Now all you need is your favourite scarf, one (yes, one) bobby pin and a hair tie. 
This is the most simple one out of the four. Your bobby pin will come in handy to make your head scarf secure. Also, this works best if your choice of scarf is long. 

This is my favourite! Instead of tucking the ends after the double knot, I created a mini bow knot. I find it more adorable and classic, but you can make a bigger bow depending on the size of your scarf. 

Braided Boho 

If four strand braids are difficult for you, then a regular three strand braid can be applied here. Substitute one of your hair strands with the scarf and braid normally. Use your hair tie to secure the ends and wrap the scarf around the hair tie.

Turbans are the most comfortable wear and this piece was inspired after watching Sex and the City 2 last weekend. I adored Carrie's head accessories throughout!

How will you wear yours?

Aug 18, 2014

{OOTD} Fishermen Pants

It is not news to those who have known me for a long time that I have a penchant for detailed prints, and I love the idea of layering prints over prints. I have an eye for pretty detailing on a lot of things and when I first saw this batik-like blazer online I knew I had to make it mine. Last Friday evening, I paired the beauty with a simple white blouse and a new pair of trousers that was a market find from Siem Reap. The trousers are  another pair of comfort go-to wear that I am now obsessed with. They are also known as Thai Fishermen pants which are wrapped around the waist and the material is Cambodian silk so it's really lightweight. 

Aug 10, 2014

{Summer Diary} Royal Palace

We gradually acquainted Phnom Penh with little adventures;one step at a time, and as from yesterday we visited the home of His Majesty, that is the Royal Palace. Known for its architectural achievement, particularly with its beautiful embellishments of golden coloured tiles, it also overlooks the riverfront park where we managed to capture worthy shots. There were families and tourists having a picnic outside the lawn as well as them feeding the pigeons that were flying over everyone's heads. (Luckily we were bird poo free!) We were however unable to tour inside the palace but since it was built at the lively Samdach Sotheros Boulevard, we had the privilege to stroll by the central riverfront before sunset. 

Hemmed in by narrow streets with French colonial constructions and spirited bustling locals, we wandered along the riverfront where monks strolled in packs, children engaged in various recreations such as football and badminton and the vendors owned the street as they scattered every metre- believe me when I say they sold fried frogs and BBQ snake on a stick... I am not entirely sure if it is sanitary but my sister said she would definitely give them a try. If you ever consider Phnom Penh as your primary destination and plan to go to the riverside, keep your personal belongings safe because this is a popular place of pick pocketing. 

The long walk led us to Amanjaya Pancam Hotel, which was speculated to where Tomb Raider megastar Angelina Jolie have stayed when she filmed the blockbuster in 2001. Tucked between the streets is where the night market is situated. It is not a shopping Mecca compared to Bangkok but you will find yourself spoiled with souvenir choices! You will be greeted with great qualities and bargains. It is worth a visit! 

Have a great Sunday,

Aug 7, 2014

{Summer Diary} Phnom Penh

Just last Tuesday, my sister and I ventured to a part of Phnom Penh that is just tucked between Norodum Boulevard and the Royal Palace; Street 240-also known as a magnet for the barang (Khmer for foreigners). We made the most of an interlude of sunshine and took a stroll through the busy tuk-tuk running grounds; happily getting lost in art galleries, boutiques and discovering all the wonderful indoor pursuits the street has to offer. Just like any other parts of the city, there are just one too many alleys, entrances and little squares that you're unlikely to ever notice. 

Luckily Trip Advisor has made it easier for us to find our ways, especially to a little vegan cafe called Artillery which was bursting out in blue and white Mediterranean loveliness and incongruity. We had a short break in between our little adventure over their delicious thirst quenchers and uber-fresh and healthy meals.

I won't pretend that the whole area is perfect as most of the parts are impoverished, but it is worth the stroll down the pavements and discovering cute little shops and cafes. I would definitely recommend walking through Street 240 and you will find yourself a little alley with more cute shops and Artillery is one of the few in Street 240 1/2 (yes there is such thing).