Nov 27, 2013

New home + new treasures

For every renegade in the blogging world there is a debunk to  these classic behavioural stereotypes and I have every reasons to justify my absence hehe.. A classic testament to this is me working endlessly yearning to see the next ray of sunshine everyday since the start of term (Just check my twitter rants for the past few weeks for proof). My days are now occupied with an accumulation of cases and statute readings, assignments and society related work. Then there's the case of the mundane of having nothing to blog about. Which is partly true, because I haven't been going away nor have I bought anything new (not quite true) that is worth to blog about until my short trip to LDN last weekend.

Welcoming the crisp days of winter with new things (just because):
My kind of winter would see an abundance of colour and sparkles so this ASOS bag would be put into good measure.
Walking pretty with these pair of studded heels from Forever 21 which will hopefully work with most of my outfit

Ok after my Rome trip I was supposed to go into a frugal, necessities-only saving mode but this was too ambitious of me. Ever since I've lived under the same roof with with Amal R who is crazy for makeup, it's safe to say that I am slightly obsessed (but less crazy) with makeup as well.

And the wildly excessive list of new makeup I got since last month:

Naked 2 palette (£36),  Bobbi Brown shimmery brick (£32), NARS Desire blush (£21.50), NYX Black Label lipsticks in Chocolate and Princess (£4 each), NYX Burgundy gloss (£4), Sublime de Chanel mascara (£24), Smashbox baked stardust highlighter (£23), Benefit Brow Zing kit (£23.50) , YSL lip stain in No 6 (£23.50), YSL Palette City Drive Classy (£42.00), Revlon Black Cherry (£7.49), Revlon Lip butter in Juicy Papaya (£7.99), Maybelline matte mousse (£7.69) and Revlon Nearly Naked pressed powder (£7.99)

And more pictures from my LDN trip:

Until then!


  1. Good to see you back on blogger after so long.. :)
    Loved the ballerina's ..
    Don't forget to join my $30 certificate giveaway
    Keep in touch,

  2. Amazing photos and that is one spectacular makeup haul! It was great hearing your thoughts, have a Fabulous Friday!

  3. May I ask where did you get your bag from? I'm looking for something of similar size with the multipurpose straps and handles!

    1. I've shared the link on the post. It's from ASOS :-)

    2. Oh! I meant to specify the bag, the one in the 3rd last photo :)

    3. Oh!! I got that from Prada. I'm not sure where you can get one of a similar kind :/ sorry!

  4. wow that's what i call a make up haul :) nxy has great make up and their prices aren't bad at all :)

  5. Lovely room, lovely heels, lovely make up - this is such a fab diverse post. Love all the pretty things you show us here, and that store window decoration - gorgeous dress! Merry Christmas, xoxo