Dec 23, 2013

Countryside escape

Just before the holidays have started I found myself soaking up to sappy Christmas movies- generally one that involves the gorgeous Jude Law and a cute cottage, that made me thought of this time last year where I spent a few days with my family-friend in Lincolnshire. It was lovely making most of the countryside especially snuggling next to the warm fireplace gorging on toasted marshmallows whilst the adults were exchanging stories over glasses of vin. So I thought of doing it again this year and I chose to stay at a tiny hamlet in South Petherton of Somerset for a few nights.

Somerset is a hard place to encapsulate in mere words but in the end of the day I've agreed that as grim as the weather goes by here (especially at this time around), there is sunshine in the UK after all!
In England, by all its great virtue, is not so blessed with amazing weather and although the temptation of being in a beach ten times warmer than the monsoon outside is second to none - curling up in the sofa of an idyllic cottage, listening to the crackling sound of the log fire, roasted chicken in the oven- is unbeatable
A wintery mini-break is a wonderful excuse to leave one's cosy cocoon and explore an entirely new place through the glittering lens of the Christmas period. And truthfully, it couldn't have felt more perfectly wintery and wonderful.

Trapped in the little hamlet is a cute little gem called the Provender which is made for wintery afternoons spent on long conversations over their flowering tea and my beau's personal favourite-the sticky chocolate pudding.

And with that I wish you a very festive season (whatever you celebrate)!


  1. Lovely photos :)

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  2. Looks so pretty; landscape and interior :) Thanks for your visit.
    Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays :) xx


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  6. Hello, just I met your blog!! nice to meet you :)
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